Friday, February 20, 2009

The Cool and Deadly hit the road

Feb 25 2009 9:00 PM Downey, CAAnarchy Library
Feb 26 2009 4:00 PM Los Angeles, CAlive on KXLU Radio @
Feb 26 2009 8:00 PM Santa Monica, CATrip
Feb 27 2009 10:00 PM Los Angeles, CALa Cita
Feb 28 2009 9:00 PM Ocean Beach, CAWinstons Beach Club
Mar 7 2009 11:00 PM New Paltz, NYCabaloosa's 58
Apr 4 2009 9:00 PM New York City, NYCrash Mansion
May 15 2009 9:00 PM Boston, MAChurch
May 16 2009 9:00 PM Worcester, MARalph's Diner
Oct 2 2009 8:00 PM Hartford, CTSully's Pub

"The tough reggae sounds of the kingston streets experimental,matchless style keeps listeners hooked " - Beyond Race Magazine

" gritty transmission reminiscent of strife-riddled Kingston, Jamaica, as opposed to the permanent haze of Long Beach cool. The band's sound is in league with "Sandinista!"-era Clash - The Caller Times

"a crackling vinyl fuzz that recalls City of God more than Zion." - Orlando Weekly

" dripping with a realness and rawness that can’t be still amazes me how it’s music sounds modern and vintage at the same time" -
"The Cool and Deadly whose edgy reggae recalls The Bad Brains at times and is diametrically opposite that of their laid-back West Coast counterparts.The hypnotic pulsing of the beat along with some keen guitar staccato bursts ala Gang of Four make for an intriguing listen." - Amped Up !

"They might remind you of the Clash, in their "Sandinista!" days.Edgy, slinky, a bit psychedelic " - Boston Pheonix

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cool and Deadly- Rudeboys Revenge

Experimenting with different rhythms from reggae, rock, metal, dub, punk, Cape Verdean Creole music and Colombian Cumbia music, The Cool and Deadly have mashed it up into a gritty Punky-Fuzz-Rock Reggae sound that has an infectious rhythm that’s dripping raw! Between the hard hitting reggae drummer Billy Szeflisnki, steady percussive reggae guitar and gritty vocals by Danny Baptista, heavy bass lines penetrating your chest cavity while being ripped to shreds by razor sharp guitar work by Harvey Valdes, it can go from heavy psychedelic dub to shredding rock and roll at any moment. If your thinking sunshine reggae at the resort you are mistaken, The Cool and Deadly sound more like a reggae switchblade than a spliff in the sun. There are no palm trees in Brooklyn so the vibe is razor sharp! The Cool and Deadly stepping out with this fresh New York City punky-reggae power sound ready to shake up the foundations! Lightning!

Music Videos:

the cool and deadly

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Future Sound Of Reggae-Coming Spring 2009

Mena and Dana deliverd a collection of some amazing tracks, here is a preview of what you can expect from this album...

Future Sounds of Reggae